When I was in the seventh grade, our whole school was ushered into the auditorium to see our high school's production of Dracula.  I remember my classmates groaning and yawning and even saw a few spitballs fly onto the stage, but I was mesmerized.  At that moment, my love of theatre was born.  How cool to be able to step on a stage and become another person!  How fantastic to be a part of something bigger than myself, to work as a part in a giant machine, to manufacture a product that makes people laugh, cry, and think.  I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.  When I finally made it to high school and had the opportunity to audition, I was the first one there.  Palms sweating and shaking with nerves, I auditioned for my first play, The Miracle Worker.  I jumped and danced in the hallway when I read the cast list and saw my name.  My part had a total of two lines, but it wasn't the size of the part that mattered, it was being a part of a theatrical production. 

Since that time, I have acted or worked behind the scenes in over 40 productions from high school to professional.  My best experiences, however, were in community theatre.  I want to share these experiences with my students and our community, and so begins the life of Star Community Theatre.

Jennifer Starkey
Artistic Director
Star Community Theatre

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